Battle Ready

Every military path begins with basic training. No soldier is sent to the frontlines without first being trained, equipped, and developed.

The same must be true to effectively fight (and prevail) in the battle for life. Pregnancy centers across the United States must be trained, equipped, and developed to reach the abortion-determined woman. Without proper training, the enemy of death has the upper hand.

The SperaVita Institute is the boot camp for pregnancy centers. We train centers in a new paradigm proven effective in empowering patients and saving lives. This approach to care is a 15-step linear patient process called the FOCUS Method. 

Pregnancy center staff split into three separate tracks during the four-day training: Executive, Patient Resources, and Medical Services. Similar to the Army, our comprehensive training is challenging and meant to push centers to effectively reach and serve at-risk women. 

Training and leadership development go hand in hand.

In the first training phase, soldiers learn the Army’s core values. At the SperaVita Institute, our trainers teach the “why” behind the implementation of the FOCUS Method at their center.

Once pregnancy centers leave our four-day training, they are equipped with a wealth of skills and knowledge to implement the FOCUS Method into their center and fight on the frontlines for life. By design, it is a train-the-trainer curriculum.

Training involves both individual and collective learning. Like the military, the SperaVita Institute uses the standard approach of the educational profession to develop and conduct training. This is known as the ADDIE approach:

  • Assess. We assess pregnancy centers that come to train and begin to identify gaps in their proficiency in reaching the abortion-determined woman.
  • Design. FOCUS training is designed for adaptation in a variety of locations (national and international), organizational cultures, and situations.
  • Develop. Our training is developed to be cutting-edge on how to “reach her first.”
  • Implement. Once centers are trained in the FOCUS Method, they begin implementation as we link arms in the battle with ongoing coaching for greater execution.
  • Evaluate. After the center fully implements the 15-step SperaVita FOCUS Method, they have an opportunity for continued evaluation to assess effectiveness as they become a Center of Distinction.

To measure effectiveness, we are partnering with Genesis Network to build a powerful technology platform specific to our FOCUS Method. The platform will make it easy for centers using the FOCUS Method to measure the outcomes that are vital in their efforts to reach abortion-determined women and save more lives.

Warfare is ongoing, and we at the SperaVita Institute have an opportunity to better equip our centers to fight against an agenda of death. With our POWER OF 10 campaign, we’re calling for a mighty army to help in the fight for life. We need 500 individuals willing to give $100 (or more) to see this platform finished. Would you consider a gift that would go directly toward development costs?

As a nurse of nearly 20 years and one who loves Jesus, it is my honor to work full time at the SperaVita Institute as the Research & Education Coordinator and the trainer of the Medical Services track. I have the understanding, knowledge, and heart to instruct leaders to reach women first before she believes the lie that death is the only option.

It is my desire that each medical manager who attends our training leaves equipped to remain in the fight for life. As they go back into the battle, they now can make a connection with the patient with a trauma-informed approach and empower her with the truth she needs to make a choice for life.

Join the SperaVita Institute as we train centers for the frontline battle for life.

Carla Idrees, RN, BSN, FNE