Reflection + Celebration

It made an impression. I don’t remember the exact day or month it happened, only that I was a young college student. I remember driving down Dodge Street, a major road in our city, and there they were. A long line of people on both sides of the road holding hands and praying. Some stood and some were on their knees. I didn’t know what they were praying for until I saw their signs. They were praying to end abortion. As I drove past, I began to weep. I felt the presence of God strongly as I joined their intercession. While I didn’t know it then, that day was a road sign for my future work in the pro-life movement.

Many believe history belongs to the intercessors. For fifty years many prayed and worked to see the overturn of Roe vs. Wade. This dream became a reality one year ago on June 24th, 2022. What a day! A curse was lifted.  I spent the day glued to the news and on the phone. I knew there would be many challenges ahead as states could now legislate how they would or would not protect the unborn. We would still have to fight online abortion pills and misinformation campaigns. But I also knew this was a breakthrough, something many of us did not know we would see in our lifetimes.

God is good and so intentional. I am thankful this happened in June and that we can now call June “Life Month” as we celebrate this victory!

How will I celebrate the one-year anniversary of the overturn of Roe? Tomorrow, June 24th, 2023, I will attend a baby shower for my first grandchild. My baby girl is having a baby girl! I was immediately in love when I found out the news! How wonderful to have the opportunity to celebrate this beautiful unborn life on that day. Her value is beyond words.

Let us continue to intercede for life. Let us continue to pray the value of each unborn life will be realized. Let us continue to pray for the end of abortion. Our God is the God of the breakthrough, and we believe we will see a breakthrough again.